When we stepped into the house, this is the scene that greeted us: Water Damage Repair A water heater had leaked about 60-100 gallons of water into the hallway and both bedrooms. Time for some major water damage repair. The first order of business was to use our Water Claw to extract all the excess water from the carpet and the padding. This is an absolutely essential first step. If they were to attempt to use their home vacuum to suck up some of the water, they will not dry the padding underneath which will lead to mildew and mold issues in the near future. After the water extraction we had to open the carpet at the end of the hall and install 2 Air Mover fans to help the drying process. Water Damage Repair We also installed an extra large Phoenix 200HT dehumidifier in the kitchen to remove humidity, and expedite the drying of the house. Next we treated the entire effected area with an antimicrobial mold and mildew treatment to help prevent mold and mildew growth. We don’t want to just clean up what’s there, we proactively help prevent other problems from popping up later. After 2 days of drying, we removed all the equipment, reinstalled the carpet and did another thorough carpet cleaning. Here is the end result: Water Damage Repair Are you in need of water damage repair in Louisville or surrounding counties ? Call us at (502) 585-2444 or send us an email and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.
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