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Water Damage Removal Services Louisville, KY

water damage restoration in louisville ky

Injectidry floor drying systems to efficiently dry wooden floors, behind walls, and ceilings

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That’s dependability. That’s the LCC & FR Promise.

Yes that’s right, when you are facing a Louisville home or business emergency, don’t take it on alone. We are always available to react to any water damage repair, whether its a sewage backup, flood cleanup, wet basement or any other type of water removal.

Call us anytime at 585-2444 or 502-379-5890 and one of our professional water damage restoration experts will respond within an hour of your call.

Upon arrival, you can expect an IICRC trained water damage restoration technician to completely inspect the entire affected area.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our restoration services carry a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. We’ll work with you and your insurance company to bring your home or business back to pre-loss condition

State of the Art Water Damage Restoration Technology

Our Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera helps maintain the integrity of your home or office.



When there is water damage involved, we will first inspect the affected area with several high-tech instruments including a Flir thermal imaging camera and moisture meters that can detect behind walls without creating unnecessary damage. This high powered thermal camera (as seen below) will instantly show us the entire flooded area. Water sometimes travels in many directions that can not be seen, like behind your walls or under your floors. Using this thermal camera along with moisture meters we can quickly identify the entire perimeter of your water damage.


This step is extremely important and often overlooked or minimized.

water damage repair louisville ky

The dark area on the thermal camera is hidden water damage to ceiling that is not evident to the naked eye.

Our truck mounted vans are extremely efficient in flooded water damaged areas. These extremely powerful machines are power houses with the most updated features to quickly extract out water. Mold and mildew will begin to develop about 48 hours after water comes in contact with porous material or when relative humidity is above 65%. Water extraction and structural drying must occur ASAP to not incur secondary damage like: mildew, mold, wooden floor cupping, buckling…

Attempting to dry carpet with a Shop-Vac or even a regular steam cleaner with a carpet cleaning machine will not dry the carpets padding through the carpet. At LCC&FR we use the Water Claw to suck up water that has soaked into the padding. Drying the carpets padding in a timely manner is critical.

We finish the drying process off with specialized equimpment to completely dry everywhere including floors, behind walls and deep in cabinets without damaging your property. These powerful extra drying steps help prevent any type of mold and mildew that can result from water damage.

Sewage backup in basements is becoming a more common problem for many homeowners. Our sewage damage cleanup and sewage removal services in Louisville are performed by highly trained technicians. Because of the serious health risks associated with raw sewage, removal should only be done by trained professionals with the proper equimpment.

We use a family and pet friendly antimicrobial mold and mildew treatment procedure. This absolutely necessary process when done correctly will prevent any molding or mildew issues. Proper cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and disinfecting the area is necessary for a clean safe home.




We are proud to say that in over 10 years of responding to water damage restoration in Louisville with our clients,

none of the water damaged areas we treated ever ended up with mold growing after we completed our work.

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