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Our goal at Louisville Carpet Cleaning and Flood Restoration is to develop a long-term,
repeat relationship with our customers and a respected place in our community. We want
very satisfied clients who will then tell their friends about their experience with our
company. We want to be first in mind when your carpets need attention the next time.
Not all service companies take this approach, or are even particularly interested in it.
Whatever the service – carpet cleaning or appliance repair or pest control, to name a few
– the Louisville Metro area is far big enough to handle companies with a different
approach. That approach is to get in your house just one time, get paid, and move on.
Should you call again, fine. If not, that’s OK too. These guys don’t much care one way or
the other.
How do one-timers get in your house, and leave with a payment far beyond a teaser
price? First, they use the oldest trick in the book, as old as humanity – a price so low it
can’t be true, but then almost all of us seem hard-wired to believe such a price can be
true. So think about it. Do you really think a business is going to drive $50,000 worth of
equipment to your house, park in your driveway, and then two workers will clean your
dining room carpet for $9.95?
Should you choose a price too good to be true, be prepared for a hardball pitch to sell
additional services, and add-ons such as scotch guard , pre-treatment and extra
deodorizer. Just as no one is making money changing your oil for $15.95, no one is
making a dime cleaning carpet for ten bucks.
Our approach at Louisville Carpet Cleaning and Flood Restoration is different. All
residential service calls include a twenty-minute evaluation. We identify extra-soiled
areas, pet problems and odor sources. Before we start you’ll know exactly what will be
done, and exactly what the services will cost. No surprises, no 10% surcharge for this or
that – simply the cost.
At one time dirty carpets were actually shampooed, using a machine with large
revolving brushes to work soap into the carpet fibers. This method led to a carpet that
dried into a stiff mass, guaranteeing a residue left behind. Our overall method is
completely different.
Actually, Louisville Carpet Cleaning and Flood Restoration’s method couldn’t be more
evolved. We use a ten-step process that includes water heated to 240 degrees, a final
steam rinse, and as many dry vacuum passes as needed to ensure full extraction. We use
non-toxic biodegradable chemicals that are 100% safe for children and pets. Some people
believe hot water will damage their carpeting, but that simply isn’t true, and we believe in
hot water! Cleaning and rinsing with hot water ensures a thorough cleaning with
absolutely no residue. The key to using water, or any liquid in the cleaning process, is to
not over saturate, a common mistake among the one-timers.
Other folks think waiting as long as possible between cleanings, or until the first
cleaning, is the way to go. Not true. The fibers of a very dirty carpet have already been
damaged permanently. Waiting until carpeting obviously needs cleaning is called
spending a dollar to save a nickel.
Because you’ll know our full charge up front, we won’t have the chance to bait and
switch … well, not that we ever would.
But other companies would, and do. Every day

It goes like this, so beware. The coupon arrives in the mail pac along with all the others
– the window replacement outfit, the Mexican restaurants, the nail salons. The low price
catches your eye, but that price is for the most basic, single-process cleaning. You’ll be
told the dual-process is what you really want, at a much higher price. Sure, they’ll come
out and honor the coupon, but they won’t promise much and they’ll guarantee less and,
honestly, sometimes these guys aren’t too pleasant if you don’t go along with the sales
pitch. It’s sort of like someone telling you they’ll wash your car for $5, but the price
doesn’t include rinsing.
Also be aware of carpet cleaners who know what’s best before they’ve seen the state of
your carpeting. A homeowner dealing with heavy pet stains and odors, and maybe with a
high-traffic pattern from kids, presents a very different cleaning challenge from a person
who lives alone and simply wants some spot cleaning.
You probably know the old carpenter’s saying, measure twice, cut once. At Louisville
Carpet Cleaning and Flood Restoration that’s how we approach our business – we make
sure we know what to do up front, and then we do it right the first time. Yes, you can pay
less. You can always pay less. But most of the time less eventually means more.

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