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Residential & Commercial Vinyl Flooring

LCC&FR can help restore old vinyl flooring so you don’t have to replace it

Before and After Tile Refinishing by LCC&FR

Residential & Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Proper maintenance is essential to extending the life of your floors. After all your flooring is the most used surface in your home or business. When tile floors begin to look dull and dirty it takes a lot of work to get them back to looking beautiful and shiny again.

This is exactly what we do at LCC&FR-we beautify, dirty worn out floors. We do not install any type of new flooring. Our belief is that you don’t have to live through messy construction, and replacing a floor is very expensive. Why not consider restoring it first?

Tile stripping, when done correctly, is a lengthy process that involves removing the dull wax layers and dirtiness from the vinyl tiles with the help of stripping solution and reapplying new wax for a shiny new look.

Once the tiles are stripped, they are buffered using a mechanical buffer. This process is highly effective if someone wants their flooring to have a shiny new look without having to replace tiles.

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Vinyl Floor Tile Waxing & Maintenance

Avoid tile replacement with LCC & FR

Despite regular floor cleaning, vinyl tiles look dull and aged. This happens for a number of reasons including wax buildup and consistent impact. Once Vinyl tiles are stripped and the old wax layers are removed, a new layer of wax is applied to the tiles giving them a new shine. Tile waxing helps in making the Vinyl tiles look brand new.


Vinyl tiles that are not sealed and waxed are easily damaged or worn out. LCC & FR recommends customers to avoid tile replacement by opting for a complete maintenance plan that helps in extending the life of tiles prone to high traffic.

Save money with LCC & FR tile stripping and waxing services and give your tiles a brand new look.


For Stripping and Waxing services in Jefferson and surrounding counties, Louisville Carpet Cleaning & Flood Restoration can provide businesses and facilities owners with timely maintenance and a tile cleaning schedule for their vinyl tile flooring.

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