Unfortunately, pet odors and stains are fairly common when you have both pets and carpet.

After years of experience cleaning carpets, LCC&FR knows pet stains and odors can be the toughest carpeting flaws to remove. When these areas are not cleaned properly pet mistakes not only leave a smell you may ever get rid of, they also leave a stain that may always be there.

As soon as I walk  in the door to analyze one of these jobs, the odor is overwhelming. I actually get happy when I walk into these situations because I know I have a very important job to do; I get to greatly improve the home owner’s living situation through pet odor removal.

In the first picture above you’ll see dark orange and brownish stains from two of the cutest dogs. This room had about average staining and odor considering there were two dogs. This carpet looked even worse in person than in the picture, but I knew I could get it looking almost perfect and smelling great for the holidays.

When removing pet stains and pet odors, it is more effective to remove stains and odors in two separate processes. Those chemicals that treat both pet stain and pet odor in one application are much less effective than those that are specific to each treatment. At LCC&FR we only use the highest quality cleaners and use them in the proper application steps.

We start by pre-treating the top of the carpet with specialty urine stain removal cleaners.  This process breaks down the salts in the urine and helps to release the stain from the carpet.

Then we pull up the carpet and clean and treat the backing of the carpet which holds lots of urine.  The urine soaks down through the carpet and into the padding and usually it’s best to replace the padding. In this case I did not have to replace the padding. When we don’t replace padding, we treat the padding with the best and most expensive pet odor removal cleaners to remove odors. The cheap stuff does not work and a deodorizer only masks the odor and will only smell good for  2-3 days at the most.

After reinstalling the carpet, we start the final cleaning process. I won’t give away all of our secrets, but our final cleaning removes the stains and odors that are present. Using only top of the line quality chemicals and a proven process, pet stains and pet odor can be removed successfully.


Pet Stain Pet Odor after Cleaning

Call Louisville Carpet Cleaning and Flood Restoration at (502)585-2444 or send us an email as soon as you experience a pet accident, we’ll respond as quickly as possible.  AND call us to check-out any existing or previously treated pet stains and accompanying odors.  We may be able to erase your pets’ mistakes.

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