Basic Odor Removal


Cleanliness is crucial to maintaining an odor free carpet, but even the most diligent cleaner will

have to fight mold, bacteria and other organisms that may cause foul smells. Below is useful

information which will be helpful to anybody who has carpet in their home or place of business.

There are different sources of odor in carpets. Pet owners’ homes as well as those of parents

with small children, and highly trafficked areas may be more prone to develop this problem.

Biological waste such as pet droppings, urine, vomit and food spills are common sources of

bacteria. Bacteria from these sources will easily grow and reproduce in moist environments for

these conditions are favorable for growth. Therefore, excess humidity should immediately be

removed from carpets, but even when following this precaution odor causing bacteria will still

exist in the form of spores. Bacteria and other microorganism are in a latent state once moisture

is removed but once there is new moisture present, the bacteria will grow and the same smell

will repeatedly come back. To truly get rid of odor, bacteria should be eliminated as well.

Dealing with urine in carpets is quite the task. Not only do you have to remove humidity and kill

the bacteria, but you will have to eliminate completely the urine salts before they crystalize as

urine dries. Urine will seep all the way into the bottom fibers of your carpet and once trapped

there, new bacteria will form as soon as exposed to moisture. Even if existing bacteria is killed

urine salts can work as an incubator of unborn bacteria which will re-emerge given the right


So what should be done to take care of the retched smell?


1. Remove the source of bacteria and excess moisture

The first step in preventing smell is to quickly take care of the spill or accident and to remove

any solid waste or excess moisture. You can do this by simply using paper or fabric towels or

any other absorption method that you may consider effective.

2. Deodorize

The second step is to deodorize. There are several methods to do this but a natural and un-
costly method is to cover the area to be treated with good ‘ol baking soda. Apply a solid layer of

this white powder on top of the affected area making sure that it is fully covered. In order to

eliminate as much moisture and allow the baking soda to penetrate the area, it is advised to

place a towel on top and apply pressure with a heavy object for the baking soda to reach the

base of the carpet. When removing the baking soda, you may use your vacuum cleaner IF you

are confident about it’s performance, but most machines may clog or loose potency after

suctioning all that powder. It is preferable to just use a sturdy clean broom and remove as much

baking soda as possible and do the detailing with your vacuum.

White vinegar may be used as well, for it is a very effective method to get rid of unwanted

smells. To reach hard places you can inject white vinegar in the padding. Some people may feel

like they have to soak the area, but others like to apply it by dabbing the area with a towel. This

second method might be more desirable since you may want your carpet to dry sooner than

later and it does not take too much vinegar for it to be effective.

To keep your carpets smelling fresh you can just sprinkle some baking soda every time before


3. Remove bacteria

When baking soda and vinegar are not enough, and unfortunately they won’t be in the long run,

a deep cleansing will be due. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to tend to spills and pet urine right

away. The urine will crystalize and the salts will remain deep within the fibers of your carpet. At

Louisville Carpet Cleaning & Flood Restoration, we can take care of the whole process of odor

elimination for you. Through our ten step method we will break down urine salts and other

deposits and we can also pull up the carpet to treat the under padding. This will eliminate any

possibility for new bacteria to form. Then our specialists will use successful methods to

eliminate most stains and generate a fresh, clean smell. For more details on our pet odor

removing service follow this link

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