How to get rid of Fleas in your Carpet

Although you often take your best friend for a grooming and keep him/her within the boundaries of your care, once in a while a pesky little flea might jump and make home of your un-expecting pet. Or maybe a visitor unknowingly tracked an impregnated adult female flea into your house and now you are expecting a full new set of budding baby fleas.

No matter how these nasty bugs get into your house, you do not want to use harsh chemicals that might affect you and your family’s health. You can eliminate these insects through non-hazardous methods or natural ones. In this post we will cover some of these processes such as vacuuming, steam cleaning, sprinkling salt and using borax powder.

If you are not familiar with flees, these creatures are tiny, dark brown, wingless insects of bean like bodies which look like they have been compressed from the sides. They exclusively target warm blooded animals for feeding and pierce their prey’s skin to draw blood. These bites can cause red welts on the skin, irritation and will most likely itch. Flees can jump up to 18 cm vertically and 33 cm horizontally which allow them to easily attach to their hosts.

Although fleas can be found all year long on dogs, cats and other mammals, their peak season is during the spring and summer. The adult female flea will lay eggs practically everywhere it goes. Common places are rugs, carpets, furniture, beds and pet homes. During the winter these eggs might keep from hatching until more favorable conditions, but during warm weather days they will hatch in approximately a 3 week period. If you have been unfortunate enough to encounter an infestation of these insects in your home, take action and eliminate fleas as soon as possible.

Suggestions to get rid of fleas in your carpet.

First and most important of all: You have to quarantine your furry loved one. Don’t worry and keep in mind this is only momentary!

Before you do any kind of cleaning, it is necessary to bathe your pet with the appropriate shampoo and treat them with the supporting products to make sure that your favorite critter is flea free. Keep them away from the infested area; they will quickly attract more fleas if they are anywhere near the pesky pests.
Regular Vacuuming will keep fleas from spreading. As mentioned above, fleas will hide in carpets, rugs, furniture and even in between floor boards (in case you have an older house with original hardwood floors). A regular vacuum cleaning might eliminate eggs and even some of the fleas themselves. Make sure to dispose or clean thoroughly the vacuum bag prior to re-using it.

After your regular cleaning regimen you can sprinkle salt which is known to help kill the flea’s eggs. To kill larvae and adults you can use Borax Powder, which is a very effective tool for flea extermination. Borax comes in white powder and can be bought in different home-good stores such as Home Depot and Wallmart. Be sure to grab a dust mask and protective glasses too. This powder can irritate your eyes and it is recommended that you avoid any kind of inhalation. Sprinkle freely under and over the carpet in order to cover as many fleas and larvae as possible within the area.

In cases of a mass infestation vacuum cleaning will not be enough and a hand from a professional carpet steam cleaner will be necessary. A mixture of diatomaceous earth and water for steam cleansing will give fleas little to no chance to escape. If you find yourself with a flea infestation, contact Louisville Carpet Cleaning & Flood Restoration or call us at (502) 585-2444 anytime for a free estimate.

Maybe you will just need one of the aforementioned methods if you catch the problem early on, but in order to stay safe and infestation free, you might want to use them all. Fleas can be annoying but they are also dangerous to the health of your pet and even yours. Some cases of fleas may react in skin infections and may cause distress to the animal. In rare occasions these insects may transfer diseases to their hosts.  If you find no relief through the suggested methods, there are harsh and sophisticated chemicals that can be used. Keep in mind you might want to use them as a last result as these chemical might be detrimental to you and your family’s health.

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