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LCC&FR- Scotchgard Carpet Protector

Does Scotchgard really work? It’s always a pleasure to see and feel freshened carpets right after they have been professionally cleaned, but professional cleaning can be expensive and difficult to maintain. By using a carpet protector like Scotchgard, you can keep your carpets and area rugs looking bright and new longer.

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LCC&FR- Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Area rugs are beautiful additions to many homes. These stylish investment pieces offer an inviting focal point to any room, though they are often delicate and can be difficult to maintain. Since most area rugs are exposed to tremendous wear and tear

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LCC&FR- Mold Removal on Drywall

Water Damaged Drywall. Mold is everywhere – it is an annoying inconvenience that creeps into your home, blackens the grout lines of your shower, darkens the siding of your house, and discolors drywall. Even worse, long term exposure to mold spores can be harmful to your health, especially if a person is allergic or has a weakened

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LCC&FR- Seam Repair to Berber Carpet

Louisville Carpet Cleaning & Flood Restoration is the local carpet cleaning and carpet repair company known to be able to repair the worst carpet damage situations. The situation our client presented us with on this day was an all to common problem with Berber carpet.

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LCC&FR- Pet Odor Removal and Pet Stain Removal

Unfortunately, pet odors and stains are fairly common when you have both pets and carpet. After years of experience cleaning carpets, LCC&FR knows pet stains and odors can be the toughest carpeting flaws to remove.

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LCC&FR- Carpet Patch Repair in Apartment

So here’s the situation. There were repeated floods from the bathroom toilet that weakened an old wooden floor in an apartment complexes unit. In preparation for LCC&FR, the resident maintenance crew

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